5 Enterprise Alternative Concepts within the Agricultural Sector

There are many business opportunity ideas in the agricultural sector that can be considered. The agricultural sector can be profitable if the business is managed well and entrepreneurs understand where to sell their products. 

Quite a lot of small business people are starting small businesses in the agricultural sector. Not a few have finally succeeded in collaborating with retailers to supply vegetables and fruit, some have been successful to the point of being able to export .

1. Spice Cultivation

Spice plants are now starting to be processed into powder and packaged in attractive packaging.

2. Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivating oyster mushrooms can be done in a fairly large yard. The planting medium can use organic waste . Mushroom cultivation owners usually sell their products to markets or restaurants.

3. Organic Vegetables/Fruits

Organic vegetables and fruit can be supplied to supermarkets. Planting can also be done using the hydroponic planting method.

4. Ornamental Plants

The ornamental plant business has proven to be able to bring success to exports. Many ornamental plant activists have finally succeeded in finding buyers from abroad and selling their plants overseas.

5. Agricultural Services

Services in the agricultural sector include land fertility evaluation services, buying and selling services for agricultural production facilities, training services in the agricultural sector, and so on. However, this service must be provided by professionals, so it is a little more difficult to realize.

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