Antam’s gold price has increased by IDR 10,000 today

The price of PT Aneka Tambang gold or Antam gold soared to the level of IDR 1,213,000 per gram in trading today, Tuesday, March 26 2024. The price of Antam gold rose IDR 10,000 compared to Monday’s trading level of IDR 1,203,000 per grams. 

The same trend occurs in resale or buyback prices . Today, buyback also increased by IDR 10,000 to IDR 1,105,000 per gram. In trading Monday, March 25 2024, buyback was still at the level of IDR 1,095,000 per gram. 

As per PMK No. 34/PMK.10/2017, the resale of gold bullion to PT Antam Tbk. with a nominal value of more than IDR 10 million is subject to PPh 22 of 1.5 for NPWP holders. Meanwhile, non-NPWPs are subject to 3 percent PPh. PPh 22 on buyback transactions is deducted directly from the total buyback value .  

The following is the Antam gold price listed in trading Tuesday, March 26 2024: 

0.5 grams IDR 656,500
1 gram IDR 1,213,000
2 grams IDR 2,366,000
3 grams IDR 3,524,000
5 grams IDR 5,840,000
10 grams IDR 11,625,000
25 grams IDR 28,937,000
50 grams IDR 57,795,000
100 grams IDR 115,512,000
250 grams IDR 288,515,000
500 grams IDR 56,820,000
1,000 grams IDR 1,153,600,000

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