China promises to expand high level of foreign investment

China will further expand its high level of openness, offering more opportunities for foreign investors to engage in deeper operations in the country, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said, Monday (25/3).

As China continues to remove restrictions on market access in the manufacturing sector, the country will also increase openness in sectors such as telecommunications and medical care to create more trade and investment opportunities for foreign investors, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Guo Tingting said at the China event Development Forum 2024 .

China will also launch a campaign to boost investment, continue to optimize services, and fully ensure the implementation of national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises, Guo continued.

“We will further increase innovation efforts and actively participate in global industrial and supply chain cooperation,” Guo said, adding that efforts will be made to develop new technologies, industries and business models, expand services trade and digital commerce, and encourage the development of innovative companies.

Guo said that China will strengthen multilateral and bilateral cooperation and seek more practical results in mechanisms such as the G20, APEC and BRICS so that the results of economic globalization can be more beneficial for all parties.

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