Construct a profitable MSME enterprise, take note of these steps

MSMEs are a sector that plays an important role and makes a major contribution to the Indonesian economy. Data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in 2023 the MSME sector will contribute 61% to GDP, or IDR 9,580 trillion. Not only that, the contribution of MSMEs to labor absorption reaches 97% of the total workforce.By 2024, the government wants more than 4 million new jobs to be created by MSMEs.

To make MSMEs grow and develop, the government has provided various stimuli or assistance, both in the form of incentives and ease of accessing capital at low interest. However, as a micro business, this does not mean that the pace of MSME business is unimpeded. Reliable financial and resource management is one of the challenges for MSMEs. These obstacles are increasing with the rapid digitalization and the Covid-19 pandemic disaster.

According to community business practitioner Wirson Selo, rapid digitalization and the presence of e-commerce platforms or online marketplaces have made the distribution chain for goods shorter. Consumer shopping patterns are no longer the same.

Qualities of a Business Leader

One way is to train yourself to have a leadership spirit as well as an attitude of optimism and a spirit of never giving up. The reason is, building a business from scratch is not an easy matter and just skills are not enough.

Reading Trends

If you already have a priority scale, the leader must be able to guide the business and all team members to be equally ready if they have to implement quite drastic changes in a short time.

there are five things that leaders must have in order to have a loyal and solid team. First, the attitude of optimism that business owners need to transmit to their teams so that they are loyal and solid.

Second, giving appreciation and appreciation for employee performance is an effective way to increase their loyalty.

Third, leaders must have a vision that is far into the future, aka visionary.

Fourth, open and effective communication is an important element in building a solid team. Lastly, don’t think of employees or business teams as subordinates but business partners so that they are motivated to work hard and achieve common goals.

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