Constructing Social Media in Enterprise Improvement

Social media in the last few decades has become a very important platform in the business world. Not only as a marketing tool for products and services, but also as a forum for overall business development.

For this reason, Commission I DPR RI in collaboration with the Directorate General of APTIKA Kominfo held a seminar with the theme “Social Media for Business Development”, as a form of encouragement for business people to immediately move to utilize social media for business development.

Meutya Hafid as Chair of Commission I DPR RI said that the use of social media can also help in collecting data and gaining valuable insights about consumer behavior.

However, although social media offers various benefits for business development, it is important to also note that inappropriate use can be detrimental to business.

“With the right marketing strategy, creative content, and consistency in communication, the use of social media can be the key to accelerating business growth. “Let’s harness the power of social media together to grow our business, reach more customers, and achieve greater success in a market that continues to grow,” he concluded.

On the same occasion, Fabrizia Jettira as Owner of Cincau Hijau and Dapur Menu Lokal, said that one of the main benefits of social media as a forum for business development is its ability to increase brand awareness. “With its wide reach and ability to connect with audiences in real time, social media has opened the door for small and large businesses to expand their reach and strengthen relationships with their customers,” he said.

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