Ecosystem-Primarily based Help Helps MSMEs Develop

Private employees who also runs a side business in the fieldculinary,Sari Suryani, busy arranging her merchandise at the Ramadan Market event at the Manahan Stadium complex in Solo, Saturday (23/3/2024) afternoon.

The boisterous music stage near the sales booth was enough to help attract hundreds of visitors to the event. Sari, who has only joined the Ramadan takjil market since Wednesday (20/3/2024), admitted that there had been no increase in sales.

The joining of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with the culinary festival really helps promotion.

So he can introduce his merchandise which is the Mang Edy brand siomai and batagor franchise . “Yes, I’m happy to be invited to join an event like this. So we have a place to sell. “You can meet lots of buyers,” said Sari.

Sari said that this was not the first time she had been invited to join a culinary event by BRI.Since joining the BRI ecosystem, especially BRI Kanca Solo Slamet Riyadi, at the 2023 Simpedes People’s Market event , he has been invited by the state-owned bank five times to enliven a number of exhibition events.

One of the advantages is that they often have free rental fees. Only at certain moments are they asked to pay a relatively affordable price.

“So far, when BRI invites you to join the event, it’s always been free , only this time it’s paid, maybe because of the collaboration with the Women’s Building,” he said.Sari then told about the first time she joined the BRI MSME ecosystem. Starting in 2023 at the Simpedes People’s Market event at Mangkunegaran Temple. After that, he quite often took part in exhibitions and training events held by BRI.

“The good thing about joining BRI is that it’s not just capital, but there is assistance, there is promotion too,” he praised. “Once when we were exhibiting at an event, it was raining heavily, and a lot of our merchandise didn’t sell. “BRI leaders asked their employees to buy up our sales,” recalled Sari.

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