The story of a BRILink agent who never gives up

RESULTS will never betray efforts that seem relevant to Novi’s journey to establishing her own business . Since 2016 he has faced a number of difficulties in realizing his dream of having an independent business activity.

In 2016, Novi started a business as a fried food seller . His business journey was relatively short because there was no significant development in terms of income. Even though at that time she was also pregnant with a child.

He then switched, trying to follow the trend at that time, namely selling frozen food at retail. However, his efforts also did not bear sweet fruit. Novi failed again, because his income was unable to cover the expenses of the business he was running.

Novi even opened a typing service. This time his efforts could be said to have paid off. Its services are widely used by the local community. In fact, he also expanded at that time to become a travel agent.

However, once again he was faced with challenges that forced Novi to end his business. “We have tried various businesses, failed, since 2016, we kept having ups and downs, until finally my brother asked me to try another business, namely becoming a BRILink agent ,” said Novi when met at his shop, Thursday (21/3).

In 2018 Novi decided to run a grocery store. His brother also recommended that the grocery store become a BRILink agent. Novi admitted that he saw the promising potential of the BRILink Agent. Because, at that time in Ragajaya Village, Bojonggede, Bogor , there were no ATM machines .

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