Promoting items from overseas utilizing Jastip

SELLING goods from abroad can be a source of additional income. With a limited budget, anyone can still start selling goods from abroad via a consignment service company (jastip) like 

Jastip or commonly known as consignment service is an informal service. Which a person offers a product to another person (friends, family, neighbors or other relatives).

Jastip itself is a contemporary form of business that offers assistance to people.

As mentioned, is an international delivery service. Apart from having experience serving the delivery of imported and export goods, also provides overseas services.

The jastip service is supported by professional agents spread across many countries. For this reason, can open jastip services in many countries.

There are lots of potential goods that can be sold from America. The source of the jastip can be from e-commerce such as eBay and Amazon or department stores such as Macy’s, Walmart, and Target.

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