Pupuk Indonesia Group Encourages Expansion MSME Market

The Pupuk Indonesia Employee Wives Association (PIKA-PI) Group visited a number of MSMEs assisted by PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (Pusri) in Palembang, South Sumatra on Saturday-Sunday (23-24/3/2024).

Chairman of the PIKA-PI Group, Tata Rahmad Pribadi, said that the PIKA-PI Group together with Pupuk Indonesia Group have a strong commitment to developing MSMEs, especially those operating in the field of traditional wastera or fabrics such as MSMEs around Pusri’s operational areas.

“We all know that Pusri is a pioneer in the fertilizer and petrochemical industry in Indonesia, and has a strong commitment to developing wastera MSMEs for its business operations. “Meanwhile, the literature that is widely developed by Pusri’s MSMEs is a heritage work from the Sriwijaya kingdom, which is the oldest Buddhist kingdom in the archipelago,” said Tata in a written statement.

As a concrete manifestation of attention to the players of wastetra MSMEs, the visit program to a number of wastetra MSMEs assisted by Pusri was one of the series in the Pupuk Indonesia Group Ramadan Safari which was held for the first time. PIKA-PI Group is directly involved in this series of events, its involvement is by visiting the assisted MSMEs. We hope that this visit will be a form of attention that can motivate MSME players to continue to innovate.

One of the six MSMEs visited was Cek Romlah Songket which focuses on making typical Palembang songket woven cloth. Songket cloth is an attraction for tourists both from within and outside the country. Since joining as a partner, this MSME has started accepting orders and sending songket out of town and abroad. The next visit was to KC Haris Jaya which is engaged in the production of blongsong, blongket, tajung and jumputan woven fabrics which are typical Palembang fabrics. The group also visited the Jami Collection, a MSME that innovates jumputan fabric combined with ecoprint, woven, batik and other motifs.

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