Save Your Previous Age, These Are Financial savings Suggestions for College students

Save Your Previous Age, These Are Financial savings Suggestions for College students

Not a few students are used to gettingpocket moneymore than their parents.

However, most of them spend their pocket money on snacks or shoppingneedwhich may be less useful.

In fact, setting aside a little pocket money can teach financial discipline and savings habits from an early age. Indeed, being frugal is not an easy thing, especially if you are used to spending money uncontrollably.

The following are tips so that students can manage their pocket money wisely and spend according to their needs. Reported by recently, here are 5 savings tips for students:

1. Determine your savings goals

Set your savings goals clearly, for example to buy certain items or emergency savings. A clear goal will give you enthusiasm and motivation to save consistently.

2. Set aside pocket money consistently

Allocate some pocket money consistently, for example by setting aside a small amount every day from the pocket money you receive.

3. Save money in the bank via Simple

Use the bank’s Simple (Student Savings) service to save money regularly and automatically. Simple Savings is a savings product issued by banks intended for students or pupils. Usually the initial deposit is only IDR 5,000 and the minimum deposit is IDR 1,000.

4. Make a priority list of needs

Make a priority list of your needs so you can allocate money wisely. You can differentiate between needs and wants.

5. Bring supplies from home

Prepare supplies from home to avoid additional expenses at school. Apart from being healthy, it also saves more pocket money.

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