The Destiny of the Rupiah Trade Price In the present day

The rupiah exchange rate was observed to show quite good performance in trading on Tuesday, March 26 2024. Based on RTI Business data at 09.30 WIB, the Indonesian currency strengthened slightly by 0.07% and gained an additional 11 points so that the exchange rate was at IDR 15,773 per dollar. US.

Meanwhile, when faced with world currencies, the rupiah does not appear to be able to show the best performance. Referring to the same source, Garuda’s currency weakened against the Australian dollar (-0.12%), pound sterling (-0.01%), and was only able to rise slightly against the euro (0.01%).

Meanwhile, when compared with Asian currencies, the rupiah shows more mixed performance. This is because the Indonesian currency turned green for five currencies, turned yellow for two currencies, and turned red for one Asian currency.

Today the rupiah is stagnant against the yuan and Singapore dollar. Bowed sluggishly over the won (-0.17%). However, it managed to outperform the Hong Kong dollar (0.10%), yen (0.02%), ringgit (0.03%), baht (0.30%), and Taiwan dollar (0.64%).

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