Viral Ojol The Sport, the Problem of Working as an Ojol Driver

Playing games is an interesting option to fill your free time during the fasting month. One of the games that is currently being discussed virally is Ojol The Game. Users are busy sharing their experiences, especially on the TikTok social media account . 

The game made by developer CodeXplore from Indonesia has been downloaded by 10 million users on the PlayStore application. This game is ranked number 1 as the free and most popular game in the simulation game category.

Ojol The Game was released on January 18 2021. As reported by Playstore on Saturday, March 16 2024, the game was last updated on March 7 2024 with version 2.5.7. Apart from Ojol The Game, CodeXplore has also released other simulation games such as Angkot d Game and Taxi Online Simulator ID. 

In general, Ojol The Game simulates its users as online motorcycle taxi drivers who have to work to earn money. Just like in the real world, they have to look for as many orders as possible. To get a high rating, players must complete their orders quickly and must not have accidents.

Several players admitted that from their experience of being motorbike taxi drivers through games, they could be more empathetic to motorbike taxi drivers in the real world. Anya, for example, a 22 year old woman, admitted that she had only been playing the game for two weeks.

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