Telecommunications belongings and capabilities for enterprise progress

The telecommunications INDUSTRY is entering a different era. With today’s digital landscape and society’s adoption of technology, telecommunications is transforming from a means of exchanging information into one of the main drivers supporting economic growth and business progress across sectors. 

Moreover, the telecommunications industry has a big role in regional connectivity in Indonesia by providing internet access for 78.19% of the population in Indonesia. Apart from that, telecommunications signal coverage also continues to grow with 4G signals reaching 98% of the total area in Indonesia.

So, to what extent can the assets and capabilities of the telecommunications industry be utilized by various industries? Commercial assets, such as a granular understanding of market dynamics in Indonesia, as well as technological assets, have the potential to become enablers of business growth in various industrial sectors.

In line with this potential, Indico, a Telkomsel subsidiary that focuses on developing the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, is here to utilize Telkomsel’s assets and capabilities to open business opportunities in various sectors.

Indico’s performance was also recognized internationally through the crowning of Telkomsel as Mobile Operator of the Year at the 2024 Asian Telecom Awards for Indico’s success in utilizing Telkomsel’s assets and capabilities to develop various sectors outside the telecommunications industry. 

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