OASA Construct a Biomass Plant in Blora

OASA Construct a Biomass Plant in Blora

PT Maharaksa Blue Energy Tbk (OASA), built a biomass plant in the Jepong, Blora, Central Java regions.

Jepong Region, Blora was chosen as the location of the biomass plant without reason. This area has large tracts of land with forestry, plantation and agricultural crops.

The construction of the biomass plant involve a number of village community institutions and agricultural institutions in the area.

In Blora District there are 6 districts. Each sub-district is as happy as 1,000 farmers. If one farmer is a wife and two children, it means 6,000 times 4, it can reach 24 thousand farmers. So, at least 24,000 farmers are empowered. This is the essence of circular economics, the economy of kerakyatan, empowering farmers.

While bio-CNG products are planned to be exported to Japan. The plant is claimed to be able to produce 5 MMCFD bio-LNG per day. Built with an investment of around 100 million US dollars.

Biomass Plant Capacity

While in the first phase, the capacity of the biomass industry in Blora reaches 5,000 tons per month. Then will continue to be increased to reach 180,000 tons per year.

Fulfillment of biomass requirements for PLTU co-firing programs is considered far from sufficient. As of 2023, the achievements have only reached 1 million tons from the planned 10.2 million tons until 2025.

Indonesia itself still needs a lot of biomass for co-firing programs, to replace most of the coal in a number of PLTUs throughout Indonesia

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