Garudafood manages maggots as a enterprise various

Garudafood manages maggots as a enterprise various

PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (Garudafood) is collaborating with Biomagg. Managing natural family waste by using the bioconversion methodology of maggots to develop into a enterprise alternative.

Our partnership with Biomagg is a artistic and resolution step to optimize natural waste administration utilizing the maggot Bioconversion methodology.​​​​​​

Garudafood additionally produces merchandise within the type of aromatherapy candles. It’s created from maggot oil and dried maggots for decorative fish feed. In response to Biomagg, 10,000 maggots can break down one kilogram of natural waste a day. Making maggot cultivation very efficient for breaking down family natural waste. Garudafood has processed and prevented natural waste from ending up in closing disposal websites. amounting to twenty.20 tons of waste and produced greater than 6 tons of BSF maggots that are economically invaluable. Garudafood’s efforts are according to the federal government’s goal for a Waste-Clear Indonesia by 2025 by way of a 30 % discount in waste and correct waste dealing with of 70 % of complete waste technology.

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