Resilient Girls Work By means of the BRI Cares BRInita Program

Resilient Girls Work By means of the BRI Cares BRInita Program

BRI through corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities takes part in supporting the role of women through various kinds of empowerment programs which are actually able to encourage the welfare of Indonesian women, one of which is through implementing the ProgramBRinitawhich is an extension of BRI Bertani in Kota.

A strong woman is not only measured by her speed, strength and enthusiasm for life. A special woman is also measured by her full support for the family, full attention to her children, and can even help the family economically. Women also take many roles to contribute in various fields.

In the programBRinitaBRI is taking an important part by empowering the community, especially women, by creating a sustainable urban farming ecosystem in densely populated urban areas, so that they can gain value, in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects. The BRInita program has currently been implemented in 21 locations spread across various regions in Indonesia, most of which are managed by women’s business groups.

In its implementation, BRI also provides guidance for group members or beneficiaries in the form of urban farming management training by collaborating with experts/related agencies as well as monitoring urban farming activities and developing urban farming results so that they can add economic value such as sales, management, packaging and marketing.

In the BRInita program there are several potential programs that can be utilized by group members, including developing aquaponics, processing crop harvests that can be used as processed food, developing agrotourism that can collaborate with other stakeholders and the potential for developing product marketing networks.

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