This actor chooses to be a beggar

Actor Lu Jingang went viral because of his ‘side job’ as a beggar. Everyone wants to have abundant wealth. Likewise Lu Jingang, a famous actor from China. It’s just that Lu realizes that his profession as an actor cannot make him rich.

As a result, he has had a side profession as a beggar since 2013. In pursuing the profession of beggar, Lu utilizes his skills as an actor. In the India Times report, he tried to turn himself into a beggar, whether in physical appearance to resemble a beggar or in his behavior. In fact, to get the skinny appearance of a starving person, he intended to fast for 3 days.

After getting the desired appearance, then he starts the action. Usually, Lu is often caught begging at tourist attractions that are busy with visitors. Like a typical beggar, he also pretended to hold his stomach as a sign of hunger, wailing and crying. Practically, in such conditions, visitors feel compassion. If this happens, then Lu will be happy because he can get money from visitors and it is not uncommon for visitors to even give him food. Thanks to this method, Lu can earn money quickly without having to take part in filming anymore.

It is known that he can earn 70,000 Yuan or Rp. 152 million in a month. Since then, he has made the profession of begging a way of life. He thought there was no difference between the professions of a beggar and an actor. Both of them work pretendingly and can bring in money. At this point, Lu admitted that he was fully supported by his family because he thought that being a beggar could change his fate.

As reported by Jiupai News, the viral news made many people look for Lu at tourist attractions. Even though they knew it was just a trick, they still gave Lu money and considered it entertainment.

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