5 Business Ideas with Small Capital

5 Business Ideas with Small Capital

In the era of technology and easier access to information, many people want to start their business. Some people are afraid because modern business looks complicated.

Starting a business is not something that should be seen as something scary. Fortunately, there are some business opportunities that are quite simple and not confusing.

However, it is important to choose a business that suits your interests, skills and resources. Below are several businesses that you can consider starting.

1. Consulting or training
If you have special knowledge, try starting a consulting or training business. You can choose as a business consultant, skills training, and others. Use online platforms for video call consultations or training sessions.

2. Providing food or catering.
If you like cooking and want to do business, try providing food or catering. Start with small events, such as birthdays or other events.

By serving delicious food and good service, your business can grow through recommendations from happy customers.

3. Home or office cleaning services
Home or office cleaning business can be a good choice. Many people need help cleaning their residence or office.

Starting this business you don’t need a lot of capital. Try starting by offering cleaning services to neighbors’ houses or offices near where you live. Next, expand your business as you get more customers.

4. Online sales The digital world opens up online
business opportunities . You can start selling physical or digital products via an e-commerce platform . Starting from clothing, accessories, to craft items without the need to have a physical shop.

5. Dropshipping Dropshipping
business is a way of selling products without having to keep stock of goods. You can sell products to customers, but the supplier will ship directly to the customer on your behalf. This business can reduce the risk and complexity of managing inventory.

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