Human and Technology Collaboration in the Modern Era

Human and Technology Collaboration in the Modern Era

Fortune Indonesia Summit 2024 is a platform for multi-stakeholders involving the most influential decision makers and businesspersons in Indonesia. This year, the Fortune Indonesia Summit 2024 raised three big themes, namely Forward Thinking, Acceleration, and Sustainability.

Entitled "The Evolution of Technology: Where Humans Collaborate with Machines," the first talk show at the Fortune Indonesia Summit 2024 discussed technological developments that have brought changes to various aspects of life, as well as how to optimize efficiency and the resulting innovations.

Even though technology has undergone many changes, Irfan believes in the importance of establishing appropriate transformations to continue to meet passenger needs.

The importance of applying technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of company development, which has been implemented at IBM Indonesia to support strategic decision making.

Meanwhile, in the energy industry, ttechnology and AI is the key to facing complex challenges in the energy industry.

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