Bitcoin Halving in 2024 is Distinctive

Bitcoin Halving in 2024 is Distinctive

The 2024 Bitcoin halving has been completed and is said to be different from previous years. It is known that the Bitcoin halving occurred on Saturday

When the halving occurred, the price of Bitcoin fell to IDR 1.03 billion. This decline was due to the impact of the geopolitical conflict between Iran and Israel

The effects of the halving were only felt after the Bitcoin supply was cut in half. Typically, the price of Bitcoin can double or more after a halving .

The crypto market will show positive growth in the next six to eight months and rise towards a new ATH.

Keep in mind that there will be price adjustments that investors and crypto traders must pay attention to after the halving.

On Thursday (4/4/2024), more than 450,000 transactions were confirmed every day for 11 consecutive days. Followed by a trend of increasing transfer fees starting on Tuesday (9/4/2024) from US$ 2.86 dollars to US$ 9 .09.

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